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Let us take step forward to make our planet greener and healthier for human beings and all other living beings. The time when we start using plastic bags and make them popular by carrying products from place to place, we don’t know that they harm our living being generations. Since 1980s, plastic bags used aggressively around the world in toting grocery items, packaging gifts, carrying lunch boxes and other activities. But in past few years there is a rising concern over the use of plastic bags. At last we realized that the plastic bags are dangerous to our environment.
Some of the Plastic Facts: 1. Annually 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are used worldwide. 2. Only 3% of plastic bags are recyclable and rest end up in landfill wastes, ocean debris, and as litter around the streets. 3. Due to plastic debris in oceans almost 75% of sea-turtles become dead in 2002. 4. The landfill and litter waste takes up to 1000 years before decomposition and up to this they release toxic material to the soil.
The Solution: Reusable Bags: Only one resolution to this hazardous problem is using bags which can be ‘Reused’ more than just once. Since the fabric used to manufacture reusable bags are mainly jute and cotton, the bags can be used for a longer duration. The Non-Woven fabric bags in the best option to save our environment from all these hazardous problems
Reusable bags are of great advantage to the environment. While the Non Woven Carry Bag are ideal for the environment given their degradability, durability and ecofriendly nature. Non-Woven bags are also beneficial as they can be reused multiple times more than a normal carry bag, thereby reducing plastic consumption on the whole.


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