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There is always a campaign to avoid usage of plastic items, as they are harmful to the environment and to replace this many companies like “Eco Bags Iran” are manufacturing eco-friendly non woven fabric bags. Some of them are D cut bags; W cut bags, rice bags, laundry bags and more. Non woven bags are comparatively cost effective as compared to plastic bags. Moreover non woven fabric bags are recyclable and reusable, where the plastic bags take many years to degrade and thereby harming the environment.
Manufacture of plastic bags requires a good quantity of petroleum and natural gas and by avoiding such bags; people can help save these natural resources. Plastic bags are easily carried away by the wind and the animals tend to swallow these plastic bags and perish in due course of time.
To achieve Green , it is a must to go for non woven fabric bags and avoid using harmful plastic bags. One might have seen a pile of plastic bags all around the streets, forests and habitants. One cannot imagine how harmful these situations are.
That is why many companies including “Eco Bags Iran” are engaged in helping to keep good environmental conditions by producing non woven fabric bags of different types and serve the Nation for a good and noble cause. Please join with and work hard to achieve Green Movement.


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