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بازار چاپ و تولید کیسه های بی بافت (Non Woven) در سالهای اخیر شاهد رشد چشمگیری بوده از این رو صنعت جهانی چاپ و تولید کیسه های پارچه ای بی بافت همچون دیگر صنایع با رشد تقاضا رو برو گشته . مجموعه چاپ صلاحی در سال 1345 تاسیس گردید و اهداف اصلی ما همانند هر بنگاه اقتصادی رضایتمندی مشتریان همراه با نو آوری بوده است .

پس از چندین دهه فعالیت در زمینه چاپ و پس از چاپ در سال 1394 اقدام به تولید ساکهای پارچه ای دوستدار محیط زیست همگام با متنوع ترین نوع چاپ( فلکسو ، سیلک اسکرین ، افست ) نموده ایم .

ضروریست به یک نکته بسیاراساسی در اینجا اشاره شود، در گذشته چاپ بر روی پارچه  های بی بافت و ساکهای تبلیغاتی به صورت کاملا سنتی انجام میگردید، وما مفتخریم اعلام نماییم که این مجموعه با در اختیار داشتن مدرنترین  سیستم های چاپ  به صورت رول به رول، اهمیت ویژه ای جهت انجام کارهای بسیار نفیس نموده است .

چاپخانه صلاحی با نیروی متخصص و آموزش دیده خود مفتخر به انجام این خدمات برای مشتریان محترم می باشد .برای اطلاعات بیشتر در مورد نحوه عملکرد این مجموعه و سفارش گذاری با واحد فروش تماس حاصل فرمایید .

About Us

About Us
our company established in 1965, which is located in prime commercial part of Tehran .we are specialized in manufacture and supplier many kinds of bags,Our main products include FLAT non woven bags and BOX non woven bags.,non woven shopping bags, non woven laminated bag ,gift bags,drawstring bag,canvas bags,drawstring bags, and other bags,which are good for various usage such as advertising, promotion, shopping,packing and so on.we can make the printing and lamination by ourselves.our company has a complete set of production lines and relies on scientific management system and advanced technological equipment to control product quality.besides silkscreen printing and flexo printing ,we had taken new printing technology. as a strong manufacturer and supplier of fashion bags market.there are more than thirty workers in our company, with advanced equipment and high quality control system, we are able to produce 500,000 shopping bags and gift packing bags each month.
In order to achieve our target to be one of the leading manufacturers of bags and relevant products, we constantly improve our production capacity and after-sales services.We can supply high quality and best price, we warmly welcome you to visit our company.


Client Satisfaction

Our motto is to build healthy relationship with our precious clients in order to offer quality assured products. Our skilled professionals make their sincere efforts to convince our clients in the best possible manner. Further, we offer these products in optimum quality packaging material to ensure safe shipment at the clients’ end. Moreover, we have highly experienced quality controllers, who check the entire range of rigorous parameters of quality to ensure that flawless products deliver at the clients’ end. Due to our fair business policies, good transparent dealings, cost effective prices, well-timed delivery have helped us in establishing a huge client base across the nation.


We aren’t ‘Yet Another Shopping Bag Co
ECO BAGS IRAN is an Eco-Friendly Packaging Solution Provider that specializes in custom bags. ECO BAGS IRAN was founded in 1965 in the field of printing industry and in 2012 we started manufacturing non woven bags. We strived to make the work a better place ever since. Our primary goal was, originally, to replace single-use plastic bags with reusable bags, so that entrepreneurs can promote their companies in a way that’s cost-effective and eco-conscious. In 7 years, we have come a long way, and now offer a diverse selection of products from NON WOVEN BAGS to JUTE BAGS to BOX BAGS BIO-COMPOSTABLE BAGS
We take pride in offering direct , One to one customization service to our costumers ensuring complete satisfaction. Made out of up to 100% recyclable materials, every bag is assembled with care and attention to detail, ensuring that each bag will meet your standards.

Why Green

Let us take step forward to make our planet greener and healthier for human beings and all other living beings. The time when we start using plastic bags and make them popular by carrying products from place to place, we don’t know that they harm our living being generations. Since 1980s, plastic bags used aggressively around the world in toting grocery items, packaging gifts, carrying lunch boxes and other activities. But in past few years there is a rising concern over the use of plastic bags. At last we realized that the plastic bags are dangerous to our environment.
Some of the Plastic Facts: 1. Annually 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are used worldwide. 2. Only 3% of plastic bags are recyclable and rest end up in landfill wastes, ocean debris, and as litter around the streets. 3. Due to plastic debris in oceans almost 75% of sea-turtles become dead in 2002. 4. The landfill and litter waste takes up to 1000 years before decomposition and up to this they release toxic material to the soil.
The Solution: Reusable Bags: Only one resolution to this hazardous problem is using bags which can be ‘Reused’ more than just once. Since the fabric used to manufacture reusable bags are mainly jute and cotton, the bags can be used for a longer duration. The Non-Woven fabric bags in the best option to save our environment from all these hazardous problems
Reusable bags are of great advantage to the environment. While the Non Woven Carry Bag are ideal for the environment given their degradability, durability and ecofriendly nature. Non-Woven bags are also beneficial as they can be reused multiple times more than a normal carry bag, thereby reducing plastic consumption on the whole.

Go Green

There is always a campaign to avoid usage of plastic items, as they are harmful to the environment and to replace this many companies like “Eco Bags Iran” are manufacturing eco-friendly non woven fabric bags. Some of them are D cut bags; W cut bags, rice bags, laundry bags and more. Non woven bags are comparatively cost effective as compared to plastic bags. Moreover non woven fabric bags are recyclable and reusable, where the plastic bags take many years to degrade and thereby harming the environment.
Manufacture of plastic bags requires a good quantity of petroleum and natural gas and by avoiding such bags; people can help save these natural resources. Plastic bags are easily carried away by the wind and the animals tend to swallow these plastic bags and perish in due course of time.
To achieve Green , it is a must to go for non woven fabric bags and avoid using harmful plastic bags. One might have seen a pile of plastic bags all around the streets, forests and habitants. One cannot imagine how harmful these situations are.
That is why many companies including “Eco Bags Iran” are engaged in helping to keep good environmental conditions by producing non woven fabric bags of different types and serve the Nation for a good and noble cause. Please join with and work hard to achieve Green Movement.

Non Woven

Non Woven D Cut Carry Bag
Salahiprint is one among the reputed companies in manufacturing D cut non woven carry bags to cater the needs of the public. This firm manufactures diversified range of fancy non woven fabric which is highly durable and in quality. These D cut non woven bags are available in attractive designs and colors and the suggestions and wishes of the clients are also taken into consideration.
While manufacturing such bags, the features like color fastness, easy to carry, fade resistance and the like are also taken care of so that the customers are fully satisfied to own these bags. As the firm has put up an experience of about Eight years in the field, it is able to produce top quality of array of D cut non woven bags with attractive colors and designs. “Skylark” has created a great demand for such bags in the market and they are best known for high load bearing strength and these bags are made available in the market at affordable rates.
“Eco Bags Iran” produces D cut non woven bags in different colors, plain and printed bags and therefore has a great reputation among its customers throughout the country. These bags are also stitched with maximum care to ensure long life and further they are Eco-friendly too.
Product name: D Cut Non Woven Carry Bag Thickness: 60 to 90 GSM Color: Wide Range of color available Printing: Screen Printing,, Flaxo Sizes: 8*10, 9’12, 10″14, 11*15, 12″16, 12’18, 13″18, 14″18, 14*20, 15″20, 16*20, 18″20 Material: Non Woven 100% recyclable Price: Fair factory price

چاپ صلاحی

چاپ صلاحی - تولید کننده ساك دستي پارچه ای تبليغاتي

چاپ صلاحی

تولید کیسه های بی بافت
چاپ و تولید کیسه های بی بافت Non Woven
سه خط دستگاه کاملا اتوماتیک جهت تولید ساک های ساده (Flat) با امکان نصب دسته لوپ به طور همزمان

تولید ساک های ساده (Flat)

چاپ همگن (امباس) در بیش از 20 طرح مختلف به صورت رول به رول تا عرض 180 سانتی متر
سه خط دستگاه کاملا اتوماتیک جهت تولید ساک های ساده (Flat) با امکان نصب دسته لوپ به طور همزمان
چاپ فلکسو به صورت رول به رول تا عرض 160 سانتی متر

چاپ فلکسو

چاپ فلکسو به صورت رول به رول
چاپ فلکسو به صورت رول به رول تا عرض 160 سانتی متر
دستگاه تمام اتوماتیک Leader

تولید ساک های Box Bag

دستگاه تمام اتوماتیک Leader که برای اولین بار در ایران
امکان داشتن عطف (گاست) از 8 سانتی متر تا 20 سانتی متر
عرض از 23 سانتی متر الی 50 سانتی متر
ارتفاع از 20 سانتی متر الی 45 سانتی متر
ضخامت 65gsm الی 150gsm
توان تولید 60 عدد در دقیقه
دوستدار محیط زیست
رضایت مشتری
تعهد به مشتری
قیمت های منصفانه

Salahiprint Studio


Nonwoven fabric is 100% recyclable. Nonwoven fabric is reinforced by heat-sealing and are made from fibres thus enhancing softness to touch

An Approach towards Quality

A continuous strive to achieve success and maintain high manufacturing standards enables us to produce a top-quality range of non-woven bags, carry bags

Nonwoven Box Bag

Box shaped non woven bags are a great alternative of paper bags. Paper bags have less life and get damaged due to water

How Are Non-Woven Bags more advantageous

The best part of using fabric carry bags is that these are beneficial for manufacturers, end users as well as environment

Non Woven bags

We hold expertise in making Non Woven Bags. To cater to the assorted requirements of the clients, we provide Non Woven Bags in wide variety that includes Non Woven Carry Bags, Non Woven Tote Bags, and Non Woven Shopping Bags

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